Testosterone Booster "Pure Power" Now Available from JG Sports for Enhanced Performance

Posted: Nov 3, 2014 - (iNewswire)

Just Goodness, a 100% natural and organic supplement company, has launched "Pure Power", the newest addition to its product lineup. The supplement has testosterone boosting properties achieved through a unique blend of 17 scientifically researched ingredients.

Unlike most of its counterpart supplements, Pure Power can increase testosterone levels by up to 141%, a success rate that is unheard of in similar supplements sold today.

"The JG Sports Pure Power supplement is the most powerful 100% natural and safe testosterone booster available anywhere," said the Just Goodness team. "JG Sports Pure Power works on 3 pathways to promote Testosterone and Male Enhancement, other Testosterone Boosters only work on only one."

It does this by inactiving SHBG (Sex hormone binding globulin) and lowering Estrogen levels to allow natural testosterone production to resume through the actions of Tongkat Ali. Then L-ARGININE, which converts to Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body, widens bloods vessels to increase blood and nutrient flow to the muscles and erogenous zones to boost sensation, power and size, Arginine based NO supplements are the hottest performance boosters right now for professional athletes. MACA further block Estrogen production and boost testosterone production, and also lowers cortisol (stress).

Pure Power also contains Ginseng, which is the most well known aphrodisiac in the world, and works directly on the CNS to boost sensation and drive. It also boosts Arginine and helps convert it into NO. Pure power also gives you Zinc which is vital for for Testosterone production, without it the body can't bulid new muscle, keep bones strong, or properly absorb nutrients. Most of us don't get anywhere near enough Zinc, JG Sports Pure Power gives you all the Zinc you need

Founded in 2013 by three health and fitness enthusiasts, Just Goodness is all about providing 100% pure, natural supplements "with no added funny business." To ensure quality in all its products, the company adheres to high standards. Just Goodness is based in Florida, with offices nationwide and distributing its supplements worldwide.

To find out more about the new JG Sports Pure Power from Just Goodness, please visit http://just-goodness.com for information.

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