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Published on: Feb. 17, 2013 | Last Updated: Feb. 17, 2013 at 12:02am

A freelance marketer discovered that Filipinos are becoming more conscious and aware about their health and wellness. Sensing the people’s craving for products that support healthy lifestyle, Tirsa Macina decided to take the lead in filling the market gap with what she calls her own magical blends.

She combined her marketing skills and knowledge of healthy products to establish a company that would carve its niche in the market.

“I used to be a freelance marketer. That’s where I started. After that, I saw the market and discovered my passion for spreading consciousness and awareness regarding health,” Macina says in an interview at the head office of the Department of Trade and Industry in Makati City.

“Then after I found out that it is a good business, I decided to create my own,” she says.

Macina is among the exhibitors at the Metro Festival 2013, which showcases food items, health and wellness products, shoes and clothes at discounted prices.

“I am now 43 years old. I established Magical Blend Marketing International in 2009,” she says. “Magical Blend is a company name and at the same time a brand name.”

Magical Blend products include herbal coffee mix with moringa, red tea mangosteen wellness juice drink, grapeseed extracts, tongkat ali root extract and green tea with L-carnitine.

“We have already existing five products, but we have two more products incoming,” Macina says.

She says her company aims to promote, enhance and educate healthy lifestyle among the public. Magical Blend is also open for distributorship and produces customized products such as gifts and giveaways.

Macina, who has five employees, says she imports most of her raw materials and manufactures them in a plant in Taytay, Rizal. She has a manufacturing contract with the plant.

“Our raw materials come from Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and the US. All imported, but locally manufactured,” she says. For example, she says the green tea is imported from Indonesia and Japan.

Macina, who grew up in Legazpi City, says with her thriving business, she is able to send all her six children to school.

She started small, but found a great supporter in DTI. “When I created my products Magical Blend, I registered it with DTI’s One Town One Product. First exposure of my product was 2010 under OTOP trade fair,” she says.

The agency’s OTOP program showcases goods and products of different towns. “Since then, our products became known and we tapped the AB market. Every year, we see to it that we join the DTI promotional programs such as the Diskwento Caravan,” she says.

Macina says health and wellness is not only a business, but a lifestyle. “The people’s health concern is now about prevention and cure. Health and wellness is now a priority in every household,” she says.

“Prevention is better than cure. Our products are specifically designed for prevention and cure of diabetic and those with high blood pressure. For those who want to maintain their good health and at the same time, to have their business, we are also promoting entrepreneurship through our loyalty program,” says Macina.

She developed the Magical Blend privilege card, which provides discount to loyal customers who also would like to become distributors. Her hard work resulted in weekly sales of 2,000 boxes, amounting to P200,000 to P300,000. “Our customers are loyal to us because of our loyalty programs and the good effect of our products,” she says.

With constant promotion and hard work, Macina plans to expand her business by exporting her products. “We have actually sent a trial shipment to Japan,” she says.

Magical Blend has a showroom on Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. Recently, it has teamed up with Healthway Medical Clinic to distribute the products. “Our products are available in seven branches of AB Pharma Inc., the pharmacy inside Healthway,” she says.

Macina says with the help of DTI, Magical Blend also opened outlets in Cebu and Clark.

“We are inviting everyone to be part of our growing health and wellness initiative,” she says. RTD


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