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Farik Zolkepli

Published on: May 25, 2013 | Last Updated: May 25, 2013 MYT 3:57:49 AM

KUALA TERENGGANU: Keropok lekor, already a favourite snack among Malaysians, may well become more popular still with an “improved” version that is spiced up with tongkat ali, reputed to be good for the libido.

The Terengganu Entrepreneur Development Foundation is re-searching on the new version and expects to begin selling the re-packaged fish sausage by the end of the year.

"We plan to build a plant spe-cially for the new keropok lekor which will have organic ingredients, including tongkat ali'," foundation chief executive officer Azmi Razik said.

"Whether physically or psychologically, or both, this new keropok lekor is expected to have an effect on people."

There were also plans to introduce keropok lekor with lemon, strawberry and other flavours, Azmi said yesterday.

"The idea is to diversify the product to widen its market. We intend to market keropok lekor abroad too, and we want local entrepreneurs to be involved in it.

"We are not forcing local keropok lekor traders to sell the new version, but it would be good if they include it in their menu.

"We want keropok lekor to be sold as a renowned snack like French fries and chips," Azmi said, adding that the foundation was also planning to open a drive-through keropok lekor outlet.

Meanwhile, Mohd Nazir Mohd Dagang, who owns a keropok lekor shop with electronic numbering system for customers in Bukit Tok Beng, said the proposed new version was "interesting".

"I am open to such an idea although I am not sure of the response from my customers," he added.

Keropok lekor trader Borhan Salleh, 38, believed that the new product would be a hit with his customers, especially the men.

"I think I can double my sales of keropok lekor with the new flavour," said Borhan, who has been selling the fish sausage for more than 10 years at his stall in Simpang Tok Ku here.

"I myself will definitely try the tongkat ali' keropok lekor," he added with a wide grin.

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