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from: M V
to: sanare.sam@gmail.com
date: Sat, Oct 25, 2014 at 2:00 AM
subject: Re: where to buy TA

Hi Sam,

first of all thank you, very nice job,I totally agree with you.

I choose the following as possible TA providers, but still I have some concerns: if you dont' mind, here I list them:

-) is it true, or probable, that TA increase penis length and testicles size? if yes, should be associate with DHT creame as i found on the WEB and uded for 3 months o more?
-) what happen after, for example, 6 months of use? will the hormone level be restored as normal or it will be a deficit in hormone functionalities?
-) what about the missed sleep? is TA impacting on sleep quality?
-) if used, as in my case, for muscle training is it really efficient?
-) is ti better to use in combination with maca

Thanks for your appreciate support.



For as long as you use tongkat ali, there will be an increase in the size of sexual accessories. This is partially carried over after tongkat ali is stopped.

Muscle gain, on the other hand, is certainly permanent if you just do some flexing every day.

Fake tongkat ali often contains some form of amphetamine plus testosterone, and will thus cause penile shrinkage and testicular atrophie.

For more than 90 percent of users, tongkat ali does not cause sleeplessness.




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